The medical credentialing and re-credentialing process for a doctor’s office, provider network or hospital can be extremely time consuming and prohibitively expensive. Med Advantage works diligently to expedite the medical credentialing process and to reduce its cost through automation, large data centers, and a proprietary process & software.

Medical credentialing & re-credentialing of healthcare providers 

Med Advantage developed and maintains a proprietary database containing verified records of nearly 1 Million individual healthcare providers. Each has been credentialed by the company at least once.

We also host a data center which links 98 primary data sources and information on over one million healthcare providers. The database includes providers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Our size, combined with our data management and credentials verification capabilities make Med Advantage one of the leading healthcare credentialing companies in the CVO industry.


  • Provider’s application is received from client or directly from provider.

  • Information is entered into Med Advantage’s medical credentialing system.

  • Appropriate letters and database inquiries are generated to verify the provider’s credentials.

  • Verifications are updated in the credentialing database.

  • All original documentation and verifications are sent to the client, as well as electronic extractions as requested.

medcial credentialing services

Med Advantage conducts medical credentialing via Primary Source Verification of a variety of healthcare provider information including, but not limited to:

  • Board Certification – Verify current certificate level
  • Criminal Background – Verify state and/or federal criminal history
  • DEA/CDS Registration – Verify by NTIS and/or by certificate
  • Department of Health and Human Services

  • Verify hospital admitting privileges and delineation

  • Education – verify medical education and post-graduate education

  • Insurance

  • Query the Federation of State Medical Boards

  • Verify state licenses

  • National Practitioner Data Bank

  • Professional References

  • Work History – extract work history from the curriculum vitae

  • Verify any malpractice claims from the carrier

  • Verify malpractice insurance from the carrier or certificate

  • HIPDB – query the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Database

  • Verify professional references

  • Sanctions – query state license and Medicaid/Medicare

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How MedAdvantage manages your application process

When a medical practice or hospital requests credentialing or re-credentialing of a specific healthcare provider or group of providers, they usually start by extracting provider data from their internal information system.

Med Advantage’s proprietary medical credentialing system automatically converts that data into a usable format and matches it with information in our data warehouse.

The matched data is then merged back into the company’s database to begin the application process. Data extract requests are an efficient way to credential large numbers of medical providers with minimal administrative effort, saving time, money and resources.